Amanda Greive Fine Art
"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" ~Pablo Picasso

The portrayal of relationships symbolically through the interplay of objects in still lives or through figural work has been a priority in my art-making process. I have found that photorealistic representation has, thus far, best suited me in my exploration of this topic, and my imagery references both classical and contemporary symbolism and iconography.

While my paintings are singular to my own experiences, it is my hope that they also have a universality to them, wherein the viewer is able to relate his or her own relationships to the portrayals.

We all have a propensity for the search for purpose, a sense of curiosity, a desire to be loved and to give love, an acute acknowledgement of the inevitability of isolation, and a fear of death. As such, this body of work serves as an exploration of the human condition, that irreducible part of humanity that connects all of us.